Thursday, July 7, 2011

chicago trip photo recap.

I'm a little behind on everything these days. I'll blame it on having a baby. And being a really easily distracted person. The latter is probably the bigger issue...

Here are some photos & captions from our trip "home" to Chicago. A few posts ago I shared photos of Olive eating her first avocado at our family picnic. I took photos at Olive's first baseball game, walking around the city, and at the Pancake House. We did many other fun things and Olive got to meet lots and lots of family but I wasn't glued the camera on this trip. Sorry!


How do you use the word home? Is it where you currently live? Where you're from? Where you wish you were from?


  1. Love the pics! Olive is such a cutie!

    I used to use home to only mean where I was born the house my parents still live. and that's still generally what I mean when I say home.

    But more and more Australia is also home and I find myself talking about both places as home.

  2. I think the usage of the word gets confusing!