Saturday, July 9, 2011

new fence project, part 1.

Over the fourth of July weekend Tyler's brother, Joe, came up to visit along with his wife, Joy, and their dog, Mater. We were hoping to do some fence demolition, building, and fun having. We did have fun but the fence ended up taking up a lot more time than I was anticipating. Unfortunately it wasn't even done by the time they left! We're extremely grateful for their help - we wouldn't have been able to get so much done ourselves!

Our fence was pretty.. interesting. There were three generations to the wood fence.

The south border between our yard and our neighbor's yard was the oldest. It was very weathered and very wobbly. It would occasionally lean on our neighbor's house and was propped up on both sides by metal fence posts, wood steaks, and rope. The fence would bend and sway in the wind and we have absolutely no clue how it withstood the tornado in May. Most of the posts weren't even in the ground, there were stones and bricks along the bottom, and the panels were of varying lengths and were slanted, too.

The west edge of the fence was probably a few years old. It had two large and impractical gates. In one section it had three posts in one spot. Odd.

The newest section of the fence was put up when the previous owners of our house thought they were doing a good job. I should write a post someday about every stupid little thing these "flippers" did that ended up being a bigger pain than a help. I didn't fall for a single thing they did when we looked at the house.. we just liked the house. They bought a few new fence panels and stuck them up at the front of the house in an attempt to improve the curb appeal, I assume. Then they painted it red - but they only painted the outside red and left drips of red paint on the inside. I'm also pretty sure that they spilled red paint on the front steps of the house which are now painted red. Real smooth.

Here are a few photos of the old fence:

I'll share some demolition photos next! :)


  1. It sucks they did a crappy job with the fence. I remember when your puppy escaped and you were so worried!

  2. Wow looks like you have a pretty big project ahead of you but I bet when your finished it will look awesome!!

  3. Yeah.. I didn't have much hope for most of what this house came with.. except for the actual house.