Wednesday, July 13, 2011

baby llama mama drama.

By "baby llama mama" I mean mobile phone.

Last night we spent a couple of hours at the AT&T store. Tyler's brother and his wife set up our family plan in Iowa on Monday and we went in yesterday to port Tyler's number and, regrettably, get a new phone number for me. We had hoped to use our T-Mobile phones with AT&T SIM cards until the next iPhone comes out in the fall. In the fall we would then buy the iPhone 4 for cheaper and enter into a two year contract. Yes, we will finally have real grown up phones. Finally. After years of talking about the iPhone. Ohmygoodness.

But first. Our plan to use our T-Mobile phones failed as they were locked. Tyler called T-Mobile and unlocking them would take a day or so. So we drove to Target to buy cheap "go" phones. They didn't have the cheapest one so we drove to Best Buy where Tyler purchased two $10 phones. Yes, you can buy a mobile phone for $10.

So I traded this:

(That big white circle is supposed to be black. The button fell off over a year ago.It's been dropped into a toilet, and flushed.
The screen is cracked. It doesn't ring anymore... only vibrates. Pretty sweet.)

For this:

(There isn't even a screen on the outside to see who is calling. There is no camera. It's as basic as basic can be.
The transition from this phone to an iPhone will be nothing short of amazing. AHmazing. A MA ZING.)

But then. I tried to reply to a text message from an old friend, Elizabeth M, and it failed. I thought, oh, maybe it's a problem with her phone. Later I tried to send a text message to Tyler, which also failed, despite having turned the little phone off and then on again. I called Tyler but was connected to AT&T, which seemed odd.

I was told that my phone was not properly scanned when Tyler purchased it at Best Buy so it appeared to be stolen. Thus my phone number was suspended. The representative unsuspended it but cannot guarantee how long that will last. We have to fax a copy of the receipt and our plan information to AT&T as soon as possible.

Dramatic, no? Okay maybe not overly dramatic but I don't see too much drama these days. Which is not a bad thing.

Oh, I spoke with my dad this morning, who I believe is equally as saddened by the passing of my number, and he pointed out that we could have ported my number back to his Verizon plan (where it came from). And I could have had an iPhone. Good point dad. Whoops Emma.


  1. I am dying to have an iphone. They can do so much. But they are so expensive :(

  2. That's why we're waiting for the next one to come out so the 4 will at least be a little cheaper. :) Being on a family plan with four of us total and with my brother-in-law's discount it's actually going to be cheaper than the plan we had with T-Mobile and that wasn't with data!