Thursday, April 14, 2011


I bought some new clothes for Olive at the Salvation Army with Brooke yesterday. It wasn't quite warm enough today for her new summer dress but I wanted to dress her up a bit before heading to the grand opening of the Avenue Eatery so I put a long sleeved shirt and long underwear on her, too. :) I snapped a few photos after I got her dressed. I was trying to be quick and didn't pay attention to the format of the photos or the settings for that matter. So these are unedited and will probably stay that way. Whoops! Also.. there are a ton of photos... but they're all so cute/entertaining. Sorry!



  1. I love the yawning picture! And what is the Avenue Eatery?

  2. It's a new cafe on West Broadway in north Minneapolis. It used to be called Bean Scene too but was recently updated and has new management. You should check it out!