Monday, April 11, 2011

olive's big day part two.

When I wrote the previous post earlier today I had no idea that it would be an even bigger day for Olive!

Olive had her most alert and playful day yet and with minimal fuss.. and more!

- We had a lengthy playtime on the floor where Olive showed me her new toy holding skills! :)
- She also tried to mouth numerous items (all baby friendly!) today while on the floor, her changing table, and in her crib. :)
- While on the floor during playtime I had to run to the bathroom - she was completely content looking at the fan the entire time I was gone. :)
- She noticed herself in the mirror for the first time! :)
- We played back and forth with sounds a tiny bit. :)
- She let herself calm down enough to fall asleep while sitting in her swing when I wanted to work on the living room curtains. :)
- I figured out how to adjust her in the sling so she can eat and I can be mobile. :)

So add all of that to sleeping from 11:30- 4 this morning... wow!

Here are some photos of our playtime. We're using my old baby blanket. :) (Sorry about the horridness of the red in some of the photos.. didn't notice my white balance was incorrect and I wasn't shooting in raw so I'm stuck. whoops!)



  1. I can believe how much she has changed. What a beauty.

    You are quite the photographer.

    I would try and see if you can start doing baby photo shoots too. I'll see if Jessica can give me her friend's website so you can get some ideas.

  2. Aw that's so sweet that she uses your blanket! Mine would be unusable because I loved it... nearly to death haha. I'm glad she slept longer, I think it just gets better from here on out!

  3. Tummy time! How is she doing with that? She's growing up so quickly!

  4. She has a lot of my old stuff - it's pretty neat!

  5. She's doing well - it gets a little longer each time. Yesterday was by far the best. I have to time it right or she'll just fall asleep though.