Tuesday, April 19, 2011

all eyes on her... butt.

Unfortunately Olive seems to have sat on someone's ice cream cone.

Okay okay I'm kidding. Baby butts are cute. I have to admit that. But putting pictures on them? I think that's incredibly silly. I (hopefully, unless something weird happens), will never buy Olive clothing that has pictures or words on the bottom - at any age. I remember when that started getting popular sometime mid-high school. I personally thought it was kind of gross and it bothered me. I don't want to imagine anyone looking at my butt.. ever.. and I don't want to encourage them to do it.

I just wanted to put that out there. I think words and pictures on the butt of a person, at any age, is very odd.

You may be asking yourself why Olive seems to be wearing pants with an ice cream cone on the butt. Well, she is not, as I said previously she sat on an ice cream cone. Clearly. Oops, I guess I already gave away that that's not true. So... while I dislike things on a butt I will not refuse to accept clothing with things on the bottom when they're a gift for Olive. I might just say she sat in something and laugh awkwardly in order to deal with my discomfort.

In conclusion, the above pants were a gift for Olive.  And that's perfectly okay.  Gifts are wonderful and Olive and I appreciate them.  :)

What are your thoughts on things on the butt?


  1. Although I detest adult clothing with things on the butt (um, I'm talking to you victoria's secret, american eagle...), I do think some of the baby clothes with things on the butt are pretty cute. Especially ruffles. And the ice cream is actually pretty cute too, but it might just be Olive...

  2. It's probably just Olive. ;) I think the ruffles are cute. She doesn't have any of those though.

    I was mostly thinking of Victoria's Secret and American Eagle, too. Ick!!

  3. I agree adult clothing I don't like things on the butt on them but I have to admit that the ice cream cone is pretty cute on her!!

  4. ethan has a pair of pajamas (a gift) with a puppy face on the butt and it cracks me up. i agree with your other commenters that it's gross on adults (and teens, and pre-teens...) but on babies i think it's sort of funny.