Sunday, April 17, 2011

avenue eatery grand opening photos!

Click here to see some of the many many photos that I took at the grand opening of the Avenue Eatery on West Broadway in north Minneapolis. It took the place of the Bean Scene Too. The place was packed, there were wonderful treats, talented entertainment, and tons of friendly faces! :)

Unfortunately I can't include a slideshow from flickr because wordpress doesn't allow flash. Isn't that silly? I need to host this blog myself - I need flash & java!


  1. Fun! I haven't heard of this place yet, although since CItypages doesn't cover north minneapolis very often.... I guess I'm not surprised. I am thinking I need to start getting out more again now that it's spring. "all done hibernation" maybe I need a social story?

  2. Yes! A social story! We have a few neat places up here.. I wish they would get more coverage. There are more on the way, too. The Lowry Cafe opens sometime this month. I'm really excited for that one!