Friday, April 15, 2011

elimination communication update.

We had our best day so far doing elimination communication today. I wrote about it at the end of March when we first started and when I had just started learning about it. Check it out if you want a little more background.

We're doing EC part time. Some days I nearly forget about it all together. Other days I'm really on the ball. Today was one of those "on the ball" days and I have a feeling that Olive prefers those days.

I don't think that Olive has many, if any, signs telling me that she is going to go potty. Typically it helps to learn the signs so you can be ready to take the baby to use the bathroom when they need to. Instead I take Olive as soon as she wakes up as well as when she fusses for a reason other than being hungry or wanting to be held. I haven't yet let Olive go diaper free to look for the signs though, so there could be something I'm missing.

Last I checked in about this I was only taking Olive when she woke up but today I realized that she cries when she has to go! She can't yet talk, obviously, and she is still too young to start using signs so what does she do? She cries! Brilliant! Although crying also tells me that she's hungry, that she's tired, that she wants to be picked up, that she wants to move around, that her diaper is dirty, that she's bored.. and probably a lot more.

So far today she has peed in her toilet seven times! And she went poo once with Tyler. That's the first time she's done that! We're still using a little orange bowl until we get a potty.

After first reading about EC I thought that it made complete sense and was excited to try. Now, after gaining some experience, I am even more convinced that this is the right thing to do. :)

Can you believe it's snowing right now? Here are some photos from today...


Olive tried out her Bumbo for the first time today. She can hold her head up really well and enjoys sitting up because she loves to look around at everything. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could get something done that's tough to do when she's in the sling if she were in her Bumbo. It worked! I was able to cut fabric on the living room floor while she sat and watched. I snapped some good photos that I'll add here later but for now here's a little peek with photo booth.

I have also recently discovered that Olive loves to bounce with me on my yoga ball. Big shout out to that yoga ball while I'm on the topic - I'm pretty sure that ball had a big hand in getting Olive into position and made her birth go so well and so quickly! I owe Tyler a giant thank you for giving that to me as a random gift a while ago.

Hey - it's the weekend! :)


  1. Yay for getting stuff done! What are you making with the fabric?

  2. Curtains for our bedroom. I've had the fabric for about a year and a half and was going to do roman shades but was clearly not following through... so I'm just going with regular curtains. I'm going to attempt a dress for Olive with the left over fabric, too!

  3. We might have a potty chair. If so, would you like me to bring it the 30th?

  4. What a cute blog! Good job on the ECing - it took us a while to work out BiP signals - she would cry AFTER she peed which wasn't much help! We got there in the end though - 7 catches in one day is something really amazing! Good job mama!

  5. Thanks! :) I'm so happy I randomly stumbled upon EC info. So far we're up to 4 catches today! :)

  6. Some signs are really subtle and as she grows she'll develop new ways to tell you. Congrats on the successes :)