Sunday, April 3, 2011

six weeks.

Today Olive is six weeks old.

Here's a quick Olive update:
~ She's a bit colicy.
~ She still seems so tiny to me though she's outgrown two newborn sleepers. For the most part she's still in newborn stuff.
~ She has been smiling a lot more over the past few days, mostly in the morning.
~ When smiling she has a dimple on her right cheek.
~ She is paying a lot more attention to toys.
~ She likes when things get pulled across her face (a soft toy or a blanket).
~ Around six in the morning she wakes up fussing but seems to want to snuggle on my pillow - not eat or be changed.
~ The past few nights she's made it around 4 hours in between night time waking.
~ Her eyelashes and eyebrows are getting longer - you can kind of see them now!
~ She lost all of the hair on the top of her head (very receding hairline like) but it's starting to grow back.. it's super short and cute.
~ When she's pretty hungry and getting fussy about it she's starting to notice when I'm getting ready to feed her and calming a bit while she waits.
~ Elimination Communication could be going better on my part. Olive doesn't have many cues when she's about to go potty so I have the best luck when I take her immediately after waking up but I don't always do that. On Friday she went potty in her "toilet" three times though. That was nice! I think it'll be a little easier when she can support her body better and I can help her be on an actual potty rather than hovering over a bowl..

I'm going to schedule her 2 month appointment soon. So look for an update on her weight and length! Her previous appointments were a little off so it's been about nearly a month since her last check.

Yay Olive! :)


  1. The joys of a newborn! Thanks so much for sharing--I know you are busy with Olive.

  2. Very! But we're having fun. :)

  3. So cute, so sweet. Gosh, my little guy was about that old a year ago - time flies!

    Thank you for visiting my site - now returning the follow!
    henry happened

  4. What a sweet picture! That's great that you are doing EC. Wish I could do it with Sweet T now that she has started solids. The poo is insane!

  5. I hope we get it down before Olive starts eating solids!