Monday, May 2, 2011

who is dead?

If you haven't seen this yet it's worth clicking play:


Honestly I was getting a little confused last night staring at the television and twitter reading Obama and Osama over and over. Some tweets saying things like "Obama: bin Laden is dead" really threw me up. I was tired.. clearly.

Also I wanted to put a little apology out there for having so few and unsubstantial posts lately. My dad was in town for a few days last week, we went on a day trip this weekend, and Tyler had the day off today so we were running errands. Hopefully this week I'll get back on track!


  1. I have to say I'm on total Osama overload! I've stopped watching tv, which is saying a lot for me...

  2. I agree. First it was all speculation and much of it was wrong. And now it's all of the same info gone over and over and over. And more speculation.