Thursday, May 19, 2011

olive is *almost* 3 months old.

We're driving to Iowa late Friday afternoon so I am posting this now instead of Friday. Tomorrow will be full of renting a car and packing and cleaning up the house so it's not a mess when we get home. Tomorrow Olive will be three months old! Wow!

Today I used photobooth to take a quick little video of us playing on the floor. Now everyone who has yet to meet Olive can see her fun smiles, her attempts at standing up, and how she holds toys. She's really great at rolling over but got totally lazy and wouldn't do it when I was recording. Sometimes when she gets so upset about being on her tummy she can't roll over.

So it's a day early - but this is three month old Olive!

Olive seems to be right on track. She rolled over for the first time about a month ago and is a pro now (except for in this video..). She's been holding her head up for quite a while and now it's less wobbly. She sits up pretty well with a little bit of support. And as you can see above she seems to think she can stand. :) She's getting more interested in her feet but can't really get to them too easily yet so she sticks to her hands. She loves to eat her hands. She loves to eat her blankets and her clothes, too. She's always putting things in her mouth. Olive can grab onto toys really well and no matter what they are, what size or what shape, she tries to get them into her mouth. She has a wooden rattle that's a little heavy and too big for her mouth - she usually ends up hitting herself in the face with it. Olive loves to eat my fingers. She's doing great at elimination communication - can't wait until we have a potty chair for her! Olive has tasted a cookie, a chocolate chip, an apple, and some pasta sauce. She is getting much better at not needing to be held and moving allllll the time. But she still needs to be held and moving a lot of the time! Olive is very attentive to everything still. Since she was about a month old she developed a bald spot on the back of her head because she is constantly moving it back and forth to look all over the room. She smiles a lot. She talks to us a lot. She's starting to laugh, too. She's great! :)

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  1. I'm always amazed how fast babies grow and change! Congrats to Olive on the rolling over and head holding up!