Wednesday, May 4, 2011

nursing pad review.

Hi everyone! I'm writing to give you a heads up about a new series I'll soon be starting. But I want to caution you that if you're not into breastfeeding talk read no further!

I'm going to be reviewing various types of nursing pads because, well, I'm having some problems. I am leaky. I've been known to leak through multiple layers of clothing and am terrified of this happening while out in public. For that reason I typically wear a thick button up sweater when I'm out so I can button the top button or so. The first time I noticed a big wet spot on my shirt I literally screamed. Occasionally I laugh. But mostly I say eww.

I have tried disposable pads and two types of store bought fabric pads. These were all given to me and I will be reviewing how they have worked for me in the past two months. In the coming weeks I will be receiving at least two more nursing pads in the mail courtesy of their markers, for the purpose of this review series.

I'm excited to be trying various types of nursing pads and, believe me, they will be put through some pretty vigorous testing! Personally, as always, I'm rooting for the handmade but we'll see what happens! For the next few weeks you'll be seeing an update from me on Wednesdays with the first starting next week.


Are you leaky? What nursing pads or other remedies do you use?


  1. Yes, I remember those days....the leaking should get better as your supply regulates and the baby grows, but the onlly pads that worked for me were the really thick Johnson and Johnson ones. Hope you find some that work for you!

  2. I hope you're right! I hope it gets better! I also squirt her all the time. But that's a different, more um.. graphic, topic. If these next few that I am going to try don't work I'll give Johnson & Johnson a try. Thanks for the tip! :)