Wednesday, May 25, 2011

too many tornadoes.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! We were out of town for the weekend and came to home to find that a tornado had passed through our neighborhood a few hours earlier. Our power came back on last night but we're still without internet. Our house is safe but most of the trees on our street are down. The next block over to the east and the block after that are pretty messed up. I'll be posting photos as soon as our internet is back.


  1. Oh my goodness, I dont know where you live but I have been watching the tornado distruction on the news. I hope you, your family and your homes are ok. So scary.

  2. We live in Tennessee and we have had to deal with tornado warnings also. Our electricity was off but thankfully not for long. I hope that your is back on really soon and pray that you and your family are safe!!

  3. oh my! I hope you are safe! Oddly enough, we had a tornado come through us here in Massachusetts which never happens! I hope you are well!