Thursday, March 12, 2015

Transplanting Her Plant.

I bought Olive and Tyler little plants for Valentine's Day. I can't wait for Olive to get a little older so I can get gifts on these days, too!

Her little plant came in a very tiny pot and has been living in her room since Valentine's Day morning. I assume it could have immediately used more space but with sickness, birthday parties, and other things and stuff... we didn't get around to it until now. But the idea of a preschooler re-potting a plant themselves is much more attractive if outdoors than in - so I'm glad we waited.

The poor little plant isn't looking as nice as when I picked it out. It was covered in bright red flowers. But Olive likes her plant.. which means she touches it too much and probably waters it too much as well. But then also forgets about it. So I suppose it was a gift but also a lesson.
I grabbed everything she would need. She grabbed a small penguin wearing a large doll sleeper.

As I prepared to take a photo of the plant she held the penguins hands (but not really because it's wings are inside.. since this sleeper is much too large) and made it look like it was saying "yay", I believe.

Meet: Plant.

Today's weather was supposed to be 67 and sunny and then, late last night, they increased the temperature to 70! But it ended up being a cloudy and windy day and was quite chilly. She still insisted on shorts for a bit.

This is Olive talking with her instructional voice.. When she's describing something or giving directions she kind of talks out of the corner of her mouth and tilts her head to the side.

She's teaching me how to pot a plant.

And suddenly wanted a different pot. But they were too small.

It was windy so the potting soil was blowing all over. She said "oh no! We'll have to clean up out here!" But I reassured her that it's okay to make a mess outside. I need to get better at being okay with messy things. Kind of a sensory issue on my part...

She super duper carefully tried to figure out how to remove the plant from it's pot.

And super duper carefully placed it in it's new home.

Despite being concerned about the plant being over watered, I told her we had to water it a little now. She was reluctant and concerned.

Dirty bits on her sleeves, pants, thighs...


Messy kid hands.

Don't you just love documentary lifestyle photography? I do. I wish more people would hire me to document activities like this with their kids. I think it's so special and love that I can do it for my family. If you want to see the entire gallery of photos click here!

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