Monday, March 30, 2015

Pancake Adventure

Last week Olive and June received adorable handmade mice in the mail from DoodleBug. These mice are inspiration to be adventurous and get and explore. The goal is that there will be a community on Instagram to share and inspire adventure and exploration.

The day after we received the mice was chilly and windy and we were without a car.. so we took our mice on a pancake adventure. I was eager to play with them right away and wanted to do something fun, but outside didn't sound like a fun option.

Our kitchen is mid mini renovation. Don't mind the.. textured.. backsplash.

The mice helped me prepare everything.

Olive did all of the work while June looked on and supervised the mice.

This is June's mouse.

Olive requested that we make pear pancakes. Good idea!

Hi, Olive's mouse.

Olive stood on her kitchen stool while June stood on a chair. I think I might modify our kitchen stool into one of those DIY learning towers that I keep seeing all over. We didn't have a learning tower for Olive.. she did fine with the stool. But with two kiddos it would be nice to not have to worry about June falling (or climbing!) while I'm busy with something else.

June was keeping the mice entertained but kept trying to hand Olive her mouse while she was busy working.

With mice in hand we went to the other side of the kitchen.

June made the microwave beep while Olive worked on pancake cooking.

And mouse face smashing?


Click here to see all of the photos of pancake making.

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