Tuesday, March 4, 2014

day sixty-three, a first. { project 365 }

See that black spec up there on the road? That's a hardcore Minnesota grandma using a walker to make her way up this street.. which happens to be a hill. Covered in 2" of ice and snow. Yeah.

Today was Olive's first day at Willow Preschool. :) She's going to go once a week, on Tuesdays.

I thought: What a great opportunity for today's photo a day photo.. a nice one of Olive, right in front of the house. I didn't have time when we arrived (see ice and snow above.. travel times are dumb) so I had to try afterwards. I was like "hey Olive, today is special, can I take your photo?" and she was all like "no". So I didn't really try.

Until she thought maybe a photo of her throwing snow would be cool. This was after she threw some snow at June's head. Whoops.

And then she was like "hey wouldn't it be funny if I threw snow at your camera?" and then she threw snow at me. And then she was like "throw snow at me! throw snow at me!" and I was like "um no." (I didn't have gloves on and I had already plopped sad June in the car (sad for reasons that didn't include the snow throwing.. I think he enjoyed that).

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