Saturday, March 1, 2014

day sixty, intrigue. { project 365 }

I can't find my photo from Friday. I can't even remember what I photographed on Friday. Whoops.

For most of today Olive said things like:
"hey painter!"
"Gilbert, what are you doing, Gilbert?"
"there is paint over here."
"oh, yeah, yeah."

We had our hallway/stairs area painted. It's not a horrible task, we've done so much painting already, but it's gone unpainted for so long.. I just thought I would reach out to anyone who may want to trade photos for painting just to get it done. And so it's done. And this way I didn't have to figure out how to get all the way up high above the stairs. Though the ceiling still needs to be painted...

Anywho.. Gilbert came over and Olive talked and talked and talked and talked.

His sister dropped him off and came inside and Olive was like:
"I have an idea! YOU (pointing to Gilbert's sister) can play with me. And YOU (pointing to Gilbert) can go paint upstairs!"

And then they went upstairs to look around. So Olive grabbed a stool and brought it upstairs and was like:
"Well, painter, there is a little bit of white over here, and some yellow paint here. Oh, and brown paint over here."

And then she gave him a piece of brownie.

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