Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a highway head shot session. { frost on flower }

In December I met a client along a highway sound barrier wall in Golden Valley. He needed a wooden backdrop and 394 has a lot to offer. We began on the south side of the highway but the sun was being tricky - popping out from behind the clouds at the most inconvenient moments. The frontage road there was also quite busy and I needed to stand in the street. We decided to go for a little drive and visit the north side of the highway. We found ourselves on a residential dead end road with lots of shade.

What you can't see in these photos are the giant boots and big piles of snow he had to stand in. That's one of my favorite things about portrait photography - the little secrets that the viewer isn't at all aware of. Something someone had to stand on - a weird thing they had to look at - something odd just out of the frame. I like to remind my clients of those things so they can remember what they were smiling about. :)





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