Sunday, October 23, 2011

8 months old.

Please forgive my lack of posting lately. This may seem completely absurd and rather lame.. but we recently got new phones and we're sort of distracted. In addition to our anniversary, our best couple-friends getting married, Tyler's birthday, a few photo sessions, and a husband & baby cold all happening over the past couple of weeks.

But I won't get into the details of any of those things right now (hopefully a couple of those things will get a bit of attention in upcoming posts, if you're lucky).

On Thursday Olive turned 8 months old. In "celebration" we headed to a park across the parkway in Golden Valley to play in the leaves, crawl around in the sand, and swing on the swings. It was a very sunny day and we both had a lot of fun! I had hopes of going to the park with Tyler also as he started work late that day but, as usual, we were slow to get going and didn't accomplish much before I took him to work. Hopefully we'll have a bit more nice weather before winter arrives so we can have family play time at the park. Olive loves it and Tyler doesn't get to go with her very often at all.

After our time at the park we drove the long way home looking for a different color pile of leaves. Everything seems to be pretty yellowish around here but I thought some oak tree leaves might be fun. While walking up a very very small very very harmless incline covered with millions of leaves I fell and landed with Olive just fine in my arms.. and then she tipped forward into the leaves. She ended up with a tiny red spot on her forehead and was pretty shaken up. After she calmed down we snapped a few more photos before we got chilly and headed home.

You will most likely also notice a huge spot on Olive's cheek. A few days ago she put her hand down on a toy on wheels and of course it rolled out from under her and she hit her face on another toy. That was a pretty sad time. :( So she has her first blemish... but she's tough. :)

As usual Olive had on her serious face while I photographed her. I took entirely too many photos so this month's post includes a slideshow... Forgive me... But I refuse to cut and paste the code of 75 photos. Yes, 75. And I deleted like... a million.

Unfortunately you have to click this link because Wordpress won't allow and Flickr slideshow. :( Sorry!

Here are a few to entice you to view the slideshow:







Olive is learning and exploring at such an awesome rate right now.
She crawls all over the house and pulls up on furniture, people, and the dog. She walks around in her crib and her playpen or along furniture like the couch. She seems to not have too difficult of a time getting back down from standing though sometimes she can't figure it out and fusses until she gets help.
Olive will set her sights on something interesting from across the room and make her way over to find it. She has even managed to push a little chair around the room in order to climb it to get to something. Amazing!
She now has three teeth - the third one, on top, came in on Thursday. There is another just days away from breaking through. Teething continues to be bothering her much less than I had anticipated.
Olive continues to want to eat everything and seems to enjoy it all (tonight she sucked on a lime!). She can hold her little glass herself, though I usually support the bottom for her. Sometimes she chews on the cup and you can hear her tiny teeth tapping the glass. Occasionally she tries to eat her plate as well.
Olive waves at people when we're sitting in the car or at the park regardless of their giving her any attention. She also waves to the dog in the morning. And sometimes randomly waves to us even if we haven't come or gone.
Olive continues to prefer "mom mom" as her babble sound. She has taken to yelling it quite often.
Olive weighs just over 15 pounds and, if I measured correctly, is around 27" tall.
She is not interested in being contained for long, even in the sling. Luckily at the grocery store she is interested in what is around her so she'll tolerate being contained for nearly the entire trip.
Olive continues to use her potty in her room, in the living room, and in the back hatch of our car.
She is getting less and less interested in many of her toys. I have tried putting some away and later switching them with the toys that have been out for a few days but she seems to catch on immediately. Hopefully she'll get some interested and stimulating things for Christmas.. it's only a few months away!
Olive is becoming more and more playful. She likes to put things into my mouth, take them away, put them back, etc. She has recently decided tickles may possibly be fun. She loves getting tossed up into the air.
Olive really really loves Honey. :)
She still cruises around the house in the walker. I often have her in there when I'm cooking or cleaning in the kitchen and I give her wooden spoons, spatulas, and measuring cups to entertain herself with.
Olive's sleep/wake and nap schedule are still different nearly every day. But I guess it keeps us on our toes!
She had her first overnight away from us last weekend and she did great! :)

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