Friday, September 30, 2011

some things.

Olive must have sat on a cat.
That's the only explanation I can come up with.

I just ordered myself a pair of shoes from The Clymb. What do you think? They're only $29.98!

New Balance

If you haven't checked out The Clymb before you probably should. There are a lot of great deals on outdoor clothing and gear and right now if you order a T-Shirt your entire order ships free! :)

Also, this morning I entered a few photos of Olive into the Zulily photo contest. I would love for you to follow these links and click "love it" on her photos! :)

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Just like The Clymb, Zulily also has numerous great deals on all kinds of kid and mom products. Right now they have a great Melissa & Doug event going on. It's a perfect time to start Christmas shopping, don't you think? :)

Yesterday I remembered a bit of a dream that I had. I dreamt that I had to, in some way, represet the letter H. I remember writing part of a speech and getting quite emotional about the fact that poor H is so often not focused on when tacked onto a T, a C, or an S. Hmm.

Yesterday morning I must have been dreaming about something strange... Tyler was getting ready for work when he dropped something and it hit the floor with a loud bang! I immediately opened my eyes and looked for Olive because I thought that she was a balloon and that bang was the sound of her popping. What?!


  1. Yeah that's probably it.. :) Those are pretty cute pajammys.
    Heh he..That's too true. H is over looked.
    That most have been frightening. They say you dream about your worrys. :) I still can't figure out why we even have dreams they're so intresting.

  2. I guess H is the start of some very good words, too, so maybe it's okay. Like Happy and Hello and Honey. Oh and Hugs and um.. Helicopter.