Friday, September 16, 2011

labor day weekend.

Less than a week before Labor Day we made a quick decision to head down to Iowa. Tyler's parents were planning to have family over on Sunday and I was hoping that my mom & stepdad could drive from Illinois to meet us there (since Iowa is a shorter drive for both of us). Unfortunately they already had plans for Sunday but fortunately they were free on Saturday, found a reliable car to borrow, and Tyler's parents said it would be okay for us to hang out at their house that day. :)

A storm prevented them for getting to the house on time as they had to stop to wait it out. Honestly I got a little bit worried. They don't have a cell phone but luckily someone loaned them one for the trip. However I did not have that phone number to call when it was approaching nearly two hours after they were supposed to arrive. I called the owner of the phone but she didn't have the number either! (It's for emergency use) So we all began to wonder what was going on. If they were lost it was quite possible that they would have no cell phone reception since Tyler's parents live in the middle of rolling hills of corn with gravel roads in every direction. It was decided that Tyler's dad and sister would go out and search (which is probably not too productive because they could have been anywhere.. but at least it was something). Less than a minute after they left the driveway my mom and stepdad showed up! I was relieved!

Olive got in some good Nini & grandma time. :)

20110903-labor day weekend-4.jpg

20110903-labor day weekend-12.jpg

20110903-labor day weekend-13.jpg

20110903-labor day weekend-15.jpg

20110903-labor day weekend-18.jpg

I'm so glad my mom and stepdad were able to make the drive to see Olive. I'm also very thankful that their drive was safe, that they had a safe and reliable car to borrow, and even a cell phone just in case! :)

The next day Tyler's dad's family came over for lunch, games, a bonfire, and dinner. Olive enjoyed lunch on the porch with me, Abby, and some of the dogs. :) At one point Olive had a grape stuck to her lip but didn't seem to notice. I also snapped a photo of one of Olive's favorite activities when she's eating in her Bumbo - dropping food and picking it up again.

20110904-labor day weekend.jpg

20110904-labor day weekend-8.jpg

20110904-labor day weekend-10.jpg

20110904-labor day weekend-11.jpg

20110904-labor day weekend-12.jpg

20110904-labor day weekend-13.jpg

20110904-labor day weekend-19.jpg

20110904-labor day weekend-21.jpg

It was nice to take a somewhat spontaneous trip! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness I laughed so hard at the pictures of Olive with food in her mouth.

  2. I was laughing quite a lot when she did it. She didn't really seem to notice it was there. She was just sitting there looking around. haha.

  3. Cute pictures- is that a necklace Olive has? Very fancy!