Friday, March 18, 2011

olive's first walk.

Yesterday we took a walk with Olive and Honey as it was so so nice outside (and I was itching to get out!). By "so so nice" I mean 52 degrees. It was great to get out and see a few houses that have been getting worked on in the neighborhood. Most of the sidewalks were pretty clean of snow but a few still had lumps and bumps that I had to push Olive over. Lots of intersections were still difficult to navigate. But Olive, the stroller, and I did fine. :)


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  1. You look great, Emma, and I loved that picture of Tyler in in the red had the one on the left. Very handsome. I have had a heck of time figuring out who Honey is and have finally figured out you are talking about your dog. Boy am I dense.

    It is very overcast here today but the temps is good. Daniel has a baseball game at 4:00 but I will bring a wrap as it will cool off before the game is over.

    I like your hair long by the way.