Friday, May 30, 2014

six months old.

(I wrote this and forgot to post it. Oops. I'll add photos later)

I'm obviously not on top of things. Poor second children.

June is six months old! I suppose I'll start backwards. 

June can sit up but doesn't often. He's fully capable but tends to tip over when reaching for things or leaning on what he's mouthing. 

He's had a little bit of food. Nowhere near the foodie that Olive was at this age but we'll delve more into that as soon as his sitting up skills improve. He's has some apple sauce, sucked on spinach and apple, and ate some puréed carrot. He's pretty impressive with a spoon. 

June is loud. His cries are loud and he seems to enjoy yelling. 

He was getting a molar quite some time ago but it reversed. I can't see any teeth but he drools a lot. Heh. 

June has blue eyes. 

June weighs 21.5 lbs. Olive just broke 20 lbs at 2 years old. Woah. 

He is mostly wearing 12 month clothes. 

June just got a new car seat. 

June can roll over and scoot along the floor. He practices crawling in his bed when he should be sleeping. 

He still sleeps in a cribs side carred up to our bed. He isn't the best sleeper but he usually falls asleep around 8:30 most nights. He just wakes up to eat a lot. He wakes for the day around 30 mins before or after Olive does. 

June loves Olive. He loves when she wrestles with him. 

He likes to stand up and enjoys being in the jumper. 

He is finally warming up to be worn in a carrier. 

June can occasionally wave, but not often. He will sign milk but it seems he might be using the milk sign as "want" instead. I realized that Olive knew and used signs much earlier so we just got more serious about using and teaching them. 

We're still doing Elimination Communication. June uses the big toilet a lot. I find it easier than a little potty. For a few months he had barely any dirty diapers but he goes poop a lot more now so I don't catch many. 

He's really big. And that's great. :)

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