Wednesday, May 2, 2012

natural plant food from whitney farms.

This post brought to you by Whitney Farms. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you know me you know that I love to eat and cook with fresh fruits and vegetables. The majority of my trips to our local co-op involve a cart full of mostly produce. It's such a pleasant and rewarding way to eat and cook. I can't wait for my garden at home to start producing. I'm also doing a work share again with a local urban CSA called McKinley CSA and, when I can, I help out with and harvest from our neighborhood community garden a few blocks away.  

I'm hugely disappointed though that Minnesota's growing season is so short. I hope one day to live somewhere with a much longer or year round growing season. Just think of the savings in terms of buying groceries? That is one of the big reasons, in addition to health and community, that I like to garden in the three ways I mentioned above.  Our grocery bill continues to inch up a little every week because so very few things are in season right now. But soon!  Soon there will a bountiful harvest! :)

Our CSA uses very natural and organic practices and I do at home as well.  I don't use pesticides or unnatural fertilizer. I only want to grow the best for my family.  I recently learned about Whitney Farms® plant foods and it seems to fit the bill for what I would use to nurture the food I grow to nurture my family.

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Whitney Farms provides a full time of 100% natural soils and plan foods.  They do not contain anything artificial, which is very important to me. Whitney Farms has over 25 year of experience and their product high points include things like low to no dust soil with no manure order, protein-based blends to adequately feed your plants, beneficial microbes, and more.

I typically don't use things like plant food because I don't know what's in that food or where it comes from. Labels are often vague or I just don't trust them completely. Whitney Farms products seem like a perfect solution.

I haven't been able to plant things in my garden plot quite yet - I currently have sprouts growing in my sunroom waiting for another week or two. Outside though I've already planted some cool weather crops in pots.  Here are some photos of kale in spinach on our back patio.

Click here to get a $3 coupon for Whitney Farms organic soil and organic plant food to try it for yourself. It's the perfect time to get started on growing vegetables and planting flowers!

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