Tuesday, March 6, 2012

diy onesies.

I made two onesies the other night for a baby shower gift. In an attempt to be frugal and personal I thought I would whip something up. I already had a few plain white 0-3 mo onesies laying around and more fabric and fabric scraps than I would like to admit.

I know that I didn't do these "correctly". I really can't say how well they will hold up - honestly my hopes aren't too high. But babies don't wear things for very long and I mentioned in the card to take extra good care of them.. just in case. :)

As always I didn't do any planning. I grabbed some fabric and the scissors and while cutting I was trying to think of what I was cutting. My brain is in crazy fast mode. Hopefully in say.. five years.. it'll slow down.

So even though I don't think these will last forever and I didn't put in a huge amount of effort.. I think they're cute and I thought I would share. I should probably learn how and buy the supplies for making these "correctly". Someday. It's on my list. ha.






(sorry for the dark photos - it was nighttime)


  1. These are adorable, Emma, Start making them, in your spare time, and I know you could sell them on Etsy. Love you.

  2. Thanks. :) And thanks for leaving a comment.. I've missed your comments!

    I would love to start making more things but I have no spare time... haha. Hopefully someday after I get a bunch of house projects out of the way.