Friday, December 3, 2010

facebook thoughts.

Multiple times a day there are instances in which I am denied some sort of information or opportunity. None of these things have been of great importance to me but that’s not really the point. WHY do so many organizations and corporations make the giant and unrealistic assumption that EVERYONE has a Facebook account? No, I will not become your fan to get $1 off. No, I will not respond to that answer to win a prize. No, I will not keep up with your Facebook account to keep track of your events, etc. Honestly, because of your great and inaccurate assumption of my Facebook account possession, I will most likely not consume your product because you make me feel as though I do not belong, as though my no Facebook account holding self is not good enough for you. I seriously encounter this every day and it’s bugging me more each time it happens. Be unique guys – don’t use Facebook so much… try appealing to the rest of us as well or you’re really going to miss out on some business and advertisement opportunity. Kay?

Oh, also, I really dislike clicking on links in tweets that take me to Facebook.

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