Monday, August 3, 2015

Fiber Huis Product Photography

I really really REALLY have to play catch up with blogging, don't I?

In an effort to get back into the habit again... Here... Is a post! Big thumbs up to me!

A few weeks ago, Brittany, my friend Brooke's sister, sent me an email proposing a trade. I do a lot of trading and rarely ever turn one down, so I was happy to accept!

Brittany operates a few different Etsy shops. What I have to show you today is from her hand knitting shop, Fiber Huis. She sells handmade looms, thoughtfully sourced yarn, instruction booklets, etc. Everything can be purchased in a kit or a la carte.

The trade? A loom kit for me AND for Olive! Which works out more than perfectly because I was going to put a loom from Fiber Huis on Olive's wishlist. So her (blue) loom is put away and ready for gift giving. Perfect, right?!

Brittany came into town last weekend and brought some kits along. I set up shop in our sunroom with Olive and June attempting to break the darn door down. Because oh my goodness June just can't survive without me. I'm just that good. :P

Product photography is always a challenge but a lot of fun when I get it figured out and finally get to editing. I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you but be sure head over to Fiber Huis and take a peek at everything she has to offer. And, as always, feel free to check out the entire gallery, too!

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