Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day Dinner

We had Valentine's Day dinner with Brooke, Scott, and Meadow.

It worked out well. It's been an interesting evolution in our friendship. We used to have dinners together often. That happened less frequently after Olive was born and happens much less frequently since Meadow and June arrived. We occasionally babysit so the other couple can go out for things like anniversary. So I guess it seemed kind of fitting that if we were all going to stay in that we were all together.

Tyler and I were doing some house work on Saturday - well mostly Tyler. But it interrupted our normal weekend flow so dinner caught me off guard. I was more than okay with the idea when Brooke suggested we come over for heart shaped pizza. Perfect!

June hung out on Meadow's rocking moose for a while. He doesn't ride ours that much. Interesting.

I quickly grabbed my camera when I noticed that no one but Meadow and June were seated yet. At opposite ends of the table, both in their hanging high chair things, eating pizza. Kind of like an awkward Valentine's Day date... or something. So close.. yet so far away..

Meadow's view of June.

June's view of Meadow.

Meadow snatched my phone and kept it almost the entire night. By the time I sneakily got it back.. it was locked for 27 minutes. That's a new record!

Yummy hearts.

June was banging things around in the kitchen while we enjoyed cake.

Olive found a doll and had a great time pushing her, and some others that she brought, around in a toy stroller. I forgot the word for stroller for a minute there.

Olive and June ended the night by snuggling and pretending to sleep in Meadow's play tent.

To see the entire {tiny} gallery of photos click here.

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