Thursday, October 4, 2012

#nononsense tights & leggings: style made easy!

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If you know me in person you may have noticed that I often wear dresses.  As cooler weather approaches, as it is now, I add another piece to my wardrobe - tights.  I also like to wear tights rather than have bare legs when I'm photographing a wedding or event while wearing a dress or skirt.  I wear a lot of solid colors and a lot of black and grey and it's really nice to have bright colored tights and/or a sweater for color.

I received a pair each of No nonsense tights and leggings.  This is what I did with them:

I'll start with the leggings.  Unfortunately I didn't love them and Tyler didn't either.  They're really comfortable and I'll certainly wear them around the house but they don't pass for cords well enough… I would rather just buy corduroy pants.  The horizontal corduroy pattern is actually rather subtle so when you're far away from someone wearing them you can't really tell, they appear to be more like velour pants from 2001 and that is certainly not at all what I'm going for.  They're also a little loose on me but that isn't surprising given the sizing recommendation:  S (4-6) M (8-10) L (12-14) XL (16-18).  So I'd say if you're smaller than a 4 probably avoid these.  I would also suggest a different color.. there is something strangely iridescent about this fabric and color that adds to the velour-ness.  But, like I said, they are super comfortable.  I think I prefer them as around the house pants a lot more than regular leggings as they appear more pant-like.  So if people pop over unannounced I don't feel as… exposed.

The tights are great.  They fit well and seem really really durable, which is important to me - I'm either on the floor and have a child climbing on me or I'm on the floor and climbing around while photographing something.  The tights didn't get stretched out or form any pills.The sizing for tights goes by heigh and weight.  I typically don't fit a size for tights as my weight is usually "small" and my height is "medium" but these worked.  I typically find myself pulling tights up so the crotch isn't saggy or walking around with my tights flapping in the wind.  Not cool.  The sizing recommendations are as follows: S (4'11"-5'8" 100-150lbs) M (5'3"-6' 120-170lbs) L (5'2"-6' 165-200lbs) XL (5'2"-6' 205-250lbs) XXL (5'2"-6' 255-300lbs).

I always remember No nonsense as being the kind of weird brand that would save me in high school when I suddenly needed nylons for something or mine had a hole.  They were always available at basically any food/drug store as well as larger stores so it was always easy to find some if needed.  The great thing is they've updated themselves and offer this neat colors and leggings and are still available in the same convenient locations.  

And just as they were a great and affordable option for frazzled high school me.. they still are an easy to find and affordable option for frazzled mom me.

No nonsense has teamed up with Jill Martin to share style ideas and tips to consumers.  She is stylish and modern and can relate to a lady like myself.  She will be featured in vignettes online that will showcase No nonsense colored tights and leggings along with tips on how to incorporate them into the latest style trends.  I'd be interested to see what she could do with these khaki corduroy leggings.  I could totally just be missing something.

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