Saturday, July 7, 2012

mckinley csa week four


This week’s share from McKinley CSA in north Minneapolis, Minnesota includes Mokum carrots, cucumbers, Swiss chard, peapods, French fingerling potatoes, and my choice of two herbs: mint & rosemary.

Last Saturday I took photos at a few of the sites and then did a lot of much needed weeding at the Cityview site.

How did I use last week's share?
Red potatoes joined some farmer's market red potatoes to make a huge batch of baked lemony potatoes.
Beans joined two meals but were cooked the same.. Pretty simply cooked for just a few minutes in a pan with coconut oil and a little pepper and sea salt on top.
Most of the raspberries were eaten by Olive. I bought more at the farmer's market to include in some quinoa muffins.
We enjoyed some lettuce mix today in a quick salad.
I made beet and carrot soup again.
We ate the beet greens this morning for breakfast - I sautéed them in bacon fat after cooking bacon and added some maple syrup, pepper, and sea salt midway through.
The broccoli is still waiting to be used.


  1. I like that you are doing this again. Mainly so I can compare to what I got. I was sad when you stopped last year.

  2. Really interesting way to prepare beet greens. I wonder if my family would go for it.

  3. do you like your broccoli steamed or roasted? It happens to be my favorite side dish :)

    Come and link up to this week's party when you get a chance... Hope to see you there!

  4. I usually steam it but I'm planning to have it raw this time. I'm hoping to incorporate more raw foods in our diet. :)

  5. I was sad when I stopped last year too. But I just wasn't getting it done.. it was difficult with just a 50mm lens and then finding the time to upload the photo. Olive was a lot more needy then. Taking a photo with my phone is SO easy. I usually write the blog post right on my phone!

  6. Great idea! Thanks for the inspiration. Such a better way to eat it :)