Monday, August 1, 2011

five months old.

A little over a week ago Olive turned five months old. I took photos of her that day but I'm late to the post as I've been busy with Frost on Flower. Which isn't a bad thing.

The day was pretty typical with the exception of the photo session.

At five months old Olive's highlights include:

Eating food
Sitting up (but tipping over immediately due to reaching for things)
Rolling over and then over again and then over again
Turning around in circles on her tummy
Responding to her name consistently
Eating books
Playing with toys in new ways
Jumping up and down in her Johnny Jump Up
Sleeping in our bed at night as she has outgrown her bassinet
Laughing less awkwardly than before
Kissing her momma
And probably millions of things that I'm forgetting about.



  1. Gosh Emma she is so cute! The sunglasses ones are priceless- how do you refrain from just sitting around taking pictures of her all day??

  2. Simply adorable! You done good! Give her a kiss for me. Love u kiddo. Auntie Evon

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh. I can't wait to visit! :-)

  4. Soon! I can't wait for you to hang out with her so I can go shopping!!!! ;)

  5. Okay. One kiss coming up! :)

  6. It's pretty tough. But I usually have other photos to pay attention to.. photos that I've been paid for and, despite my persistence, baby doesn't pay me.

  7. Oh these pictures are just beyond adorable!! She is such a doll!!