Sunday, June 12, 2011

she spits!

So.. Tyler taught Olive how to spit. I believe some would call this "blowing raspberries" but I don't think that's what I call it. I also don't call it spitting. I just do whatever it is when I want to talk about it. But I'm not sure how to type it. "bbpppllll" - does that make sense?

Here's a little video of Olive imitating me. She even anticipates it so all I have to do is stick out my tongue and she'll follow through. I've noticed her using it to get my attention a few times today, too. Sometimes all she is able to do it spit. Sometimes she talks while she's doing it. Sometimes she does it perfectly.

(Honey is chewing a bone right next to the computer - that's what that weird noise is)

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