Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So sorry for the delay in posting. I've been a little busy... but mostly tired.

We finally made the purchase (on July 4th)! I own a Canon 7D digital SLR. yay! You can see what I've had fun with in the past couple of weeks here at my flickr.

I've been asked by a coworker friend to photograph an event on July 24th. July 24th is also the northside arts crawl called FLOW, where I hope to take photos for fun. Also, a former coworker friends asked me to take engagement photos of her and her fiance. So... here I go - I guess it's finally happening! **Fingers crossed and praying**

Also, today we started having new gutters installed on our house. The gutters are up and wonderful looking - they're brown to kind of match the roof. The downspouts will be installed tomorrow - those will be red to match the brick on the foundation and chimney of the house. Please ignore the fact that the trim is green and our house will temporarily look like Christmas. Please.

Also also, I think Honey has worms. :( I took a.. um... sample to the vet this morning and we should get a response tomorrow. Hope that works out alright. I'm a little turned off by the fact that humans can contract worms as well. ick. I know you're probably incredibly interested in Honey's intestinal situation so I will keep you updated.

The end - it was time for bed 1.5 hours ago.

Honey love:

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